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Learning Approach

B – Business Frameworks  |  G – Gamified Learning  |  S – Self Awareness  |  T – Team Dynamics


BGST model is a gamified learning model


We blend business frameworks in a gamified learning experience with self-awareness and team dynamics.


Business Frameworks:

Every organization goes through different stages of innovation, from Growth Stage (ideation to scaling) to Maturity Stage (expansion and revenue generation), and finally to Efficiency and Effectiveness Stage (higher Profitability and service levels).

Each Innovation stage require a different approach while growing the company.


Our Business Frameworks primarily focus on:

  1. The Main Reasons any business fail, and how business teams can work together to ensure that they have the necessary tools to help them grow their organization without falling into traps.

  2. Value Proposition where the trainees get to think about customer segmentation, and customers’ pain points, needs, and requirements. The trainees will also use frameworks to identify different product/service features from the customers’ perspectives.

  3. Idea Testing where we use different frameworks to apply during the initial ideation phase, and the impact of each framework on the product/service that will be proposed in the market.

  4. Business Model where the trainees put a structure to their proposed product/service and think of the possible threats that they can face while moving from ideation to scaling phase.

Gamified Learning:

According to research done by Traci Sitzmann, Professor of Management - University of Colorado Denver, game-based learning increases the self-confidence of the learners by 20%, It improves conceptual knowledge by 11%, and ensures learning retention up to 90%.

With that in mind, our team in MindShift MENA partnered with EDUardo Business Simulation to use their different simulations in our programs.


The Business Simulations will enable our attendees to:

  1. Learn how to assign tasks between themselves as individual teams and interact with each other in an environment that mimics real business situations.

  2. Apply the Business Frameworks, Self-Awareness, and Team Dynamics knowledge, gained through our programs, while playing the gamified business simulations.

  3. Review their performance and decisions they make and assess the impact of their decisions on their gamified business metrics.

  4. Compete against each other, as individual teams, to win the business simulation where they win awards for their performance.

  5. Get an opportunity to put their team names on a leaderboard where achievements and results get compared with other team locally, regionally, and globally.


A recent study done by Harvard Business Review, the percentage of leaders who are truly self-aware is about 10-15%.


We in MindShift MENA see the opportunity to prepare the youth in the Arab region for a challenging global market by sharing different self-discovery models that will equip youth with the necessary tools to understand and apply self-awareness in their personal life, professional environment, and communities.

Some of the Benefits of self-awareness that our trainees will receive as part of our program will be:

  1. Recognizing strength areas, and knowledge gaps, by understanding what they do well and what they need to improve.

  2. Directing their passion and exploring the skills they are good at, to achieve high satisfaction levels.

  3. Becoming better people at work by knowing their preferred working styles and how others perceive their actions and behaviors.

  4. Strengthening personal and professional relationships by managing their own emotions.

Team Dynamics:

Gallup study on creating the right company culture showed that highly bonded teams achieves a 10% increase in customer ratings, 20% increase in sales, and 21% increase in profitability.

Coming from corporate environment, and working with startups in different stages, our team in MindShift MENA knows that creating the right environment in any organization is the main differentiator that makes companies go from Good to Great.


With that in mind, we designed our programs to focus on building team dynamic mental models that our trainees can use in their career journeys or startup team building phases.


Our program focuses on:

  1. Defining the eco-systems needed for startup teams and corporate employees to grow their individual and team talent within their organizations.

  2. Demonstrating the values that teams gain when building talent systems that encourage diversity and inclusion.

  3. Highlighting the benefits of teamwork, and the impact strong teams make on organizations’ productivity and conflict resolutions, as well as the individuals’ innovation, engagement, and trust levels.

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