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Welcome to our Business Simulation

We would like to show you how our FinTech and Sustainability business simulations will support you.

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Our Approach is focused on providing solutions that help you learn in a gamified environment, gain experience, and acquire knowledge that you can always remember.

What we do

We use two simulations that we know will help you understand the newest global market trends, lead a company from seed to scale-up phase, manage resources, and deliver financial results.


How we do it?

We designed a four-week program full of group and individual learning sessions.

The program sessions will be based on blended learning, in other words, you will attend both in-person and online sessions, play among a team and compete against other teams, then you will play individually to further apply the learning.


Who is the program for?

  • College students who want to gain business skills and knowledge.

  • Graduates who want to boost their career chances by learning how businesses work.

  • Start-up founders, business owners, and team leaders who strive to acquire the knowledge and experience to grow their business and teams to the next level.

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