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Life Shift Program

Our programs are dynamic and flexible to be customized according to business needs. Each program duration is around 16 – 24 Training Hours. Trainees are expected to apply the learning between sessions to get the maximum value from the training.

Self-Awareness & Team Dynamics

Know your working style, Manage yourself, and Grow your Mindset.

Some of the Topics covered in this section include:

  • Learn MBTI components.

  • Identify others’ MBTI type's.

  • Understand own stressors.

  • Achieve balance and avoid burn-out.


Understand team needs and Guide them using Situational Leadership.

Here we cover topics like:

  • Team formation stages.

  • Develop highly productive teams.

  • Learn Motivation Types.

  • Apply Conflict Management Techniques.


Idea Generation & Design Thinking

Use ideation methodologies to discover innovative solutions.

Some of the Topics covered in this section include:

  • Apply Problem Solving Techniques.

  • Acquire Critical thinking skills.

  • Use 5-step idea generation models.

  • Demonstrate “Six Hats” thinking model.


Create or Develop products/services using Design Thinking.

Here we cover topics like:

  • Research methods to Empathize with users.

  • Research user insights.

  • Prototype and Iterate ideas.

  • Test assumptions and Refine solutions.


Value Creation & Business Modeling

Craft Unique Value Proposition and Capture Customer Interest.

Some of the Topics covered in this section include:

  • Identify customer needs, pain points, and desired gains.

  • Create products/services features,
    and differentiation points.

  • Leverage visual communication and storytelling techniques.


Build a robust startup with Business Model and Market Validation.

Here we cover topics like:

  • Connect Business Strategy with Operations and Financials.

  • Learn customers outreach, service, and retention.

  • Validate and Refine your plan through iterative testing.


Sustainable Profits & Growth Hacking

Build a clear financial structure and reach sustainable profits.

Some of the Topics covered in this section include:

  • Illustrate cost and revenue models.

  • Explore pricing strategies.

  • Set pricing with market demand.

  • Apply cost concepts & Perform breakeven analysis.


Boost your revenues using a mix of Sales, Marketing, and Digital Marketing Growth Hacking Tools.


Here we cover topics like:

  • Optimize growth & scalability using technology and analytics.

  • Target markets, segment customers, and offer value.

  • Build sales pipeline and close sales.

  • Grow relationships and provide customer value.

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